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Product Warranty Information

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Triad Aer Warranty

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Warranty Replacement

We guarantee our products from defects and guarantee your satisfaction within the terms of the warranty described above.  For warranty replacement, the product must be returned in its original packaging with all its attachments, accessories, and a copy of the purchase receipt. The consumer must contact our office to obtain an RMA# so we may have a record for any repairs or replacement needs.   The product should then be wrapped and/or packaged with an outer box to protect the product with the RMA#  clearly indicated on the outer box.  Please note, if the product is damaged in shipping, it would be the consumers responsibility to make any damage claims to the shipper and it voids the warranty.  Please wrap the item securely to avoid any shipping issues. Once the unit is received by our warehouse in good condition, we will contact the consumer to confirm we have received the item and repair or replace the item as deemed by our quality control specialists. If the product shows signs of mistreatment, is damaged, or missing parts, this will void the warranty and any repairs made will be at the cost of the consumer.  If the consumer does not want to pay for the repairs, the unit will be returned “as is” at the consumers cost and no further action for warranty repair or replacement will be made.

Manual – Triad Aer V3

Triad Aer V3 Owner’s Manual