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Air & surface purification used in medical offices and dentistry.

Are you looking for a way to keep your office, staff, and patients safe?

One of the largest fears in medical field today is the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch. Many doctors are looking for a safe, fast and effective way to clean the environment in the office. This is where air purification plays a huge role!

Aerosol On Surface And Air

High speed tools create aerosol that can be suspended in the air anywhere from seconds to hours. This aerosol may contain many of the germs, viruses and bacteria we are trying to avoid! These contaminants can cling to your clothes and re-enter your breathing space when you move around!

Which Air Purifer Is Right For My Office?

With many options on the market, there are several questions you will ask yourself

  • What kind of technologies exist and work most effectively
  • How many square feet do I need to cover in my office
  • How many machines will I need
  • Will the purifier also take care of surfaces
  • How often do I need to replace filters
  • What size particle will be cleaned

Pro -Active Advanced Purification versus Passive filters such as HEPA

Triad Aer V3 is a PRO-ACTIVE advanced purification system. It uses a combination of 4 technologies that work outside of the machine not like a vacuum. Needlepoint and Pulse Ionization, Photo Catalytic Oxidation and Ozone work together to cover 3000 square feet, this means that most offices will only need one unit. Not only does it clean particles that are smaller than .3 microns, but the technology is known to destroy viruses, germs and bacteria in the air and ON SURFACES throughout your office down to .001 microns! You will never need to replace a filter and cleaning is fast and efficient. The plasma like technology destroys viruses and bacteria on contact, using the lysis process bursting the virus membrane destroying the DNA! On the other hand passive HEPA filters are a passive technology. They work like a vacuum. They suck in air at a high speed, hoping to catch all microns .3 and larger.

Most HEPA filters cover a space of about 250 square feet. Unfortunately, this is where they fail. In order to pull in contaminants, you would need to place one in every room of the office and change filters on a regular basis, even then, viruses and smaller particles pass right through the filter and back into the air! They are unable to clean surfaces, since they can only clean what comes to the unit. To make a HEPA filter effective, you would need to have it on a jet turbine!

Our Products

Triad Aer V3

3000 sq feet Multi Room purifier.

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Mini Aer
Mini Aer

One Room Purifier.

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Shield Aer
Shield Aer

Personal wearable PURIFICATION.

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“We have trusted in Triad Aer since we opened our doors.  Aerosol is a major concern for us. The safety of our staff and our patients come first.  Our favorite feature is the Sani-Boost.  Every night we set it to 8 hours before we leave and in the morning the entire office has been sanitized.”

William James
Sonrie Dental Studio, Coral Gables and Kendall FL.

“As soon as patients walk in, they say, wow wow wow! It smells so clean in here! Our office is really doing our part in making everything feel compliant.  Even through our masks we can smell the cleanliness of this office”

William James
Florida City Dental, Homestead FL.