Triad Aer Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell

Triad Aer Photocatalytic Oxidation Cell


Triad Aer 6″ Advanced Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Cell – The PCO technology not only destroys biological contaminants traveling through the cell, it also produces a purifying plasma which reduces odors and moldNo ozone. Works with several models of air purifiers.

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When to Replace:

  • This PCO cell lasts up to 9,000 hours of continuous use.

When to Clean:

  • The PCO cell should be cleaned every 30 days using pressurized air or a small vacuum attachment.

How to Tell if it’s Working:

  • If the bulb lights up, your PCO cell is working properly.

Also Compatible with:

  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.0
  • EcoQuest Fresh Air 2.1
  • GreenTech Environmental GT3000
  • Puratron
  • Mercola Pure & Clear